By Sam Hudson

It would not be a particularly original observation to point out that the political situation in the US is unsustainable. Democracy cannot survive where a major party only concedes its existence as a means to power. Unless the democrats somehow manage to win every election for the foreseeable future (they won’t), Republicans will eventually be in a position to dismantle democracy. All they need to do is bide their time.

And that time might come sooner than most realise. 

In the next session of the Supreme Court, the Conservative-stacked Court is ruling on a case that could effectively give state legislatures exclusive authority to regulate federal elections, even allowing them to violate their state’s own constitution. Such a scenario would heavily stack the cards in favour of Republicans and may make it impossible for Democrats to win in Republican-controlled states again. 

Supreme court malarkey aside, the Democrats are very likely to lose the House in the November Midterms. This will effectively neuter any chances of the Biden administration making meaningful change and throw Biden’s reelection prospects into even greater uncertainty. 

Things may be looking grim, yet there is one person who can save us: Dark Brandon. 

If Biden’s steely-hearted, man-of-action Twitter alter-ego can rise, the Democrats may be in with a shot. The disturbing truth is liberal democracy in America can only survive now if the threat to it is squashed. This will, unfortunately, involve illiberal actions by the Biden administration but it is far better this than allowing an avowedly anti-democratic and anti-liberal to dismantle America as we know it. 

Karl Popper’s tolerance paradox has become a hopelessly misinterpreted cliché in recent years. But this is one of the few scenarios it applies as it was originally intended. A tolerant liberal democracy cannot expect to survive if it extends unconditional tolerance to those who would dismantle that system as soon as they reach power. 

Of course, there are degrees to this. If an avowedly anti-democratic and authoritarian party was set up by a couple of cranks tomorrow, I would see no reason to take action against it. But when the second largest party attempts an insurrection as soon as they lose the Presidency, and has continued going down a more and more anti-democratic path, action must be taken.

This isn’t really a question about the Republicans being racist, sexist or having any other ghoulish policy specifically. This is about a party which is un-constitutional in the very literal sense: they reject the entirety of America’s political framework. 

Democrat supporters may worry that being heavy-handed will come back to bite them in elections. But like the boy who cried wolf, Republicans have accused the Biden government of being the Gestapo so many times, that when Brandon does actually dissolve the Republican party, the corresponding Conservative meltdown will make it look like nothing has changed. 

It should be clear, though, that any crackdown on MAGA cranks is not a pretext for setting up a one party state. The Republican party should be banned but Democrats should work quickly with moderate Conservatives to establish a new opposition party that at the very least respects democracy.

To stop a not-so-secret cabal of paedophiles and paedophile sex traffickers who want to destroy the American constitution, Dark Brandon must rise and finally unleash the Storm. Trust the plan, fellow Patriots. 

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