The Home of Liberalism in Cambridge

Coming to Cambridge in October and looking to get involved in the university’s most dynamic political society? Read on…


CULA is a campaigning force to be reckoned with. From city council, to University council, we help liberals get elected at every level.


We host regular socials from our signature "Spirited Discussions" to informal ice cream gatherings and quizzes; there's something for everyone.


CULA hosts some of the best speakers in Cambridge. From Lib Dem MPs to former US governors we attract liberals from across the globe.

The Cambridge University Liberal Association (CULA) was founded in 1886, making it the oldest university society associated with a political party in the country.

Originally known as the Cambridge University Liberal Club, our name has changed through the years as the Liberal Party merged with the SDP to form the Liberal Democrats.

We’re the most fun of all the political societies, and host regular social events including our flagship event Spirited Discussions – our informal, raucous, “debating” event! What other group would host speakers from five countries, a games night, a cocktail competition AND run a dating event all in one summer!

We also campaign regularly to get Liberal Democrats elected at every level. We hold regular campaigning sessions, especially when there’s an election on (whether local or general). Cambridge is a liberal city and had a Lib Dem MP as recently as 2015, making it an ideal place to experience your first canvassing session.

Membership is only £5 for life, and more than pays for itself with the discounted entrance it provides to certain society events. Read more about how to get involved!

We look forward to seeing you!



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