In Cambridge, there’s a housing crunch,

It’s causing folks to bunch and bunch.

We need more homes built,

So people won’t be guilt,

For feeling like they have to punch.

There’s not enough room for all,

Families must share a wall.

It’s not fair to the young,

To have to live among,

So many people in such a small hall.

We need more houses, big and small,

So everyone can have a place to sprawl.

It’s not just about space,

But also finding a place,

To call your own and stand tall.

We can’t let Cambridge become a town,

Where only the wealthy can settle down.

We must build more houses,

For all kinds of spouses,

So everyone can wear a crown.

We can’t just sit and wait,

For the housing crisis to abate.

We need to take action now,

To make sure everyone knows how,

To find a place to rest their weary plate.

So let’s roll up our sleeves,

And work to achieve,

A city where everyone can thrive.

We need more houses in Cambridge,

So let’s get to work and manage,

To make sure everyone has a place to arrive.


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