Chair: Joshan Parmar

College: Fitz

Subject: Maths

CRSid: jp862

Why I’m a liberal: “I joined the party on a whim two years ago and am now too invested to leave.”

Vice-Chair and Communications: Max Ghose

College: Trinity Hall

Subject: HSPS

CRSid: mg2037

Why I’m a liberal: “Free expression. Free trade. Free Europe.”

Secretary: Archie McCann

College: Catz

Subject: Engineering

CRSid: ajrm3

Why I’m a liberal: Fundamental human rights are too important to be abandoned to rot under the Tories or Labour. Liberalism means extending every possible freedom to every individual in society, only restricting specific freedoms to achieve more or more equal freedom overall. For me, this means protecting the environment, human rights, and creating a more equitable society—that’s why I’m a Liberal.

Junior Treasurer: Emma Munday

College: Queens’

Subject: Engineering

CRSid: elm74

Why I’m a liberal: I am a liberal because I believe it is a truth self-evident that individual liberty is the only true measure of human progress. Only when the individual is free from arbitrary restraint and empowered to determine their own ends, is all humanity sovereign. The practice of liberalism then, is to build and defend the institutions which facilitate the continued development of human freedom.

Women’s and Non-Binary: Xia Gray

College: Catz

Subject: HSPS

CRSid: xg268

Why I’m a liberal: “I’m a liberal because as Freddie Mercury said, I want to break free.”

Campaigns: Chang Liu

College: St. John’s

Subject: Medicine

CRSid: cl861

Why I’m a liberal: I’m a political idealist. What is an ideal society but one where individuals can pursuit their own happiness and express themselves freely?

Social Events: Sophie Walk

College: Murray Edwards

Subject: HisPol

CRSid: sw994

Why I’m a liberal: “Because I can’t pick a side… and freedom is kinda good too.”

Speakers: Luke Patterson

College: Lucy Cav

Subject: HSPS

CRSid: lp595

Why I’m a liberal:Having been involved in Northern Irish politics since the age of 14 I have seen how liberalism is the only way we can bridge divides, unite our communities and give freedom to the individual.”

Membership Development & Alumni: Fergus Kirman

College: Christ’s

Subject: History

CRSid: fpk24

Why I’m a liberal: “Nobody deserves to tell you how to live your life. Only liberals will fight for your right to pursue happiness in whatever way you wish.”

Senior Treasurer: Eugenio Biagini

College: Sidney Sussex

Position: Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, History Faculty

CRSid: efb21