Chair: Freddie Poser

College: Gonville & Caius

Subject: Computer Science

CRSid: fp363

Why I’m a Liberal: “Did I join CULA because I was a liberal, or did joining CULA radicalise my liberalism? Either way, I’m sure this portrait of Henry George wasn’t here before.”

Vice-Chair and Membership Development & Alumni: Laura Ryan

College: Downing

Subject: Neuroscience (PhD)

CRSid: lr477

Why I’m a Liberal: “I’m a sceptic, and liberalism is the only avenue to any society that I would want to live in.”

Secretary: Keir Bradwell

College: Queens’

Subject: History and Politics

CRSid: kdb35

Why I’m a Liberal: “The Pet Shop Boys once said: ‘there’s a lot of opportunities; if there aren’t, you can make them.’ Society should function like this. But all too often, it doesn’t.”

Junior Treasurer: Laurence van Someren

College: St John’s

Subject: Maths

CRSid: alv36

Why I’m a Liberal: “I’m a liberal because as a 10-year-old I had a crush on Nick Clegg and I’ve been too dogmatic to consider alternative viewpoints since then.”

Campaigns: Cosmo Lupton

College: Jesus

Subject: HSPS

CRSid: cl812

Why I’m a Liberal: “I believe that empowering people, giving individuals the tools to live their lives as they please, neither dictating to them nor abandoning them, is the best means by which we can deliver a just society. Liberty and social justice should go hand in hand and I think only liberalism fully embraces that.”

Communications: Peter McLaughlin

College: Downing

Subject: HSPS

CRSid: pm664

Why I’m a Liberal: “I am a liberal because liberal values—freedom of speech, democratic government, free trade and competitive markets, individuality, equal access to justice—are those that have consistently lifted human beings out of destitution and created human flourishing.”

Social Events: Freddie Fisk

College: Robinson

Subject: History

CRSid: ff326

Why I’m a Liberal: “I’m an optimist. Freedom should be positive.”

Speaker Events: Joshan Parmar

College: Fitzwilliam

Subject: Maths

CRSid: jp862

Why I’m a Liberal: “I joined the party on a whim last year and am now too invested to leave.”

Women’s: Helena Trenkić

College: Jesus

Subject: Modern European History (MPhil)

CRSid: ht394

Why I’m a Liberal: “I believe in the fundamental rights to individual freedom and true equality before the law and in society, which no country has yet achieved. I joined as Women’s and Non-Binary Officer because political discussion only works when everybody contributes, and because that shift won’t come with a hands-off approach.”

Deputy Events (Co-opt): Sophie West

College: Christ’s

Subject: HSPS

CRSid: srw65

Why I’m a Liberal: “A unity of individual liberty and social justice, liberalism enshrines the freedom of one while ensuring it does not become the fetter of another. Ergo, when a Tory tornado rages and one’s house lands on the body of a failing opposition, the only option left is to don some liberal slippers and follow the yellow-brick road.”